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Enjoy Increased and Lasting Happiness now!


The Online Home Study Programme


The Online Home Study Programme and Forum Support



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This course is for you if you would like to enjoy lasting long term happiness and...



• You are stressed, over-tired and running on empty


• You feel you could be happier and enjoy a better life!


• You would like to fulfil more of your potential


• And you are ready to make changes in your life, set new goals and be all you can be now!




Imagine what it will be like to experience greater happiness instantly and then start living on a whole new level - better relationships, more energised and realising goals...



By applying what you learn on this course you'll:



• Gain clarity,  embrace life balance and set motivational goals


• Learn to  recognise, choose and manage your emotions


• Establish  positive regard for yourself and supportive thoughts


• Eliminate  tolerations and learn personal effectiveness


• Improve your  focus on solutions, coping ability, happiness and contentment.


• Take  responsibility, create your own momentum and share kindness.


• Practice and apply new learning to live a happy life.


• Continue your self  development.



Here's what others say about Pure Happiness!

“After only two weeks of classes I began to change the way I approached  a myriad of areas in my life.  All of a sudden I had techniques at my  fingertips that translated into real breakthrough moments in my life.” Bonnie Clarke

“I’ve learnt more self-awareness  and that I can choose my emotions. It’s made me realise that it’s not up to  other people whether I have a good day or not – it’s up to me.” Christine Miller

“We exercise our bodies to make  them fit but perhaps often forget to exercise our minds in the same way. Here  is a workshop that delivers a mental happiness “rush” – naturally and gives you  the tools to help you maintain your “mental fitness” naturally.” Gillian Polley

  A Happiness Course Designed To Allow You to Reach Your Potential

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• Step/Module 1Gaining Clarity and Embracing Life Balance: Embrace the power of intention and then identify and set yourself a compelling goal to work on during  the course.


• Step/Module 2Managing Your Emotions: Learn five quick, easy and powerful ways to change how you feel in any moment and be more resourceful.


• Step/Module 3Taking Control of Your Thoughts: Discover how to change and manage your thoughts to enhance your happiness.


• Step/Module 4Eliminating Your ‘Energy Drainers’ : Identify what factors are draining your energy and take action to remove them. And hugely increase your energy.


• Step/Module 5Living in the Now: Learn techniques to clear your mind, enjoy more happiness and moments of bliss.


• Step/Module 6 - Choosing Your Focus: Learn to take responsibility, create your own momentum and attract more happiness with less effort.


• Step/Module 7 - Maintaining your Long-term Happiness: Integrate the insights and techniques from Pure Happiness Now into your everyday, to flourish and live a happy life and continue your personal growth.


Immediately you will experience greater happiness and within weeks you can enjoy a whole new level of living - a happier, more energised, more focussed and resourceful life...

You Will Receive...

• A MP3 audio, slides and practical exercises for each module - packed with insights, tools and tips, you can read, listen and immediately put into practice in your daily life your new understanding of how to be happier, less stressed, more vibrant and more resourceful. Each module has contains a specific exercise or exercises, designed to allow you to understand and go beyond your limitations and enjoy long lasting happiness. And together these resources form a "happiness toolkit" that you can refer to time and time again.


• Online Group Forum Support - In addition, you can pay a small fee a month and join the forum where others are going through their "happiness journey". Ask questions about what you are experiencing on the programme and receive expert advice from a Happiness Consultant. Or share your experiences with others who have completed, or are doing the Pure Happiness course, ask questions or ask for assistance. Allowing you to connect with like minded people and boost your happiness time and time again. 

By the end of module 3 you will be well on your way to understanding and eliminating blocks, to allow you to reach your goals. And build on them to enjoy long term happiness!

How Much Does It Cost?

The Online Home Study Programme - £90 (value £125)




The Online Home Study Programme plus Online Group Forum Support - £90 plus a monthly payment of £5


Online Home Study Course

Online Home Study Programme plus Online Group Forum Support 


£90 plus a £5 per month payment

If you have any challenges booking online, please click here to send us an email.

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“I have learnt how to attract happiness all around me – at work, in my family life and in my social life.” Sarah Wormwell, HR  Consultant, Hays Recruitment

"A problem which has blighted my life for years has become just a memory. Thanks to the session I feel wonderful." Chris, London

How & When Will The Programme Be Delivered?

Initially you will receive a welcome email that will explain some of the course practicalities. You will then receive a second email with instructions on how to access the course materials. You should receive both of these emails after 24 hours of signing up.


Training Modules - the initial training modules (MP3 audio, slides and practical exercises) will be made available to you straight away.


Live On-line Forum - this will be made available straight away, if you sign up for the monthly Forum Support Option.


Online Home Study Course

Online Home Study Programme plus Online Group Forum Support 


£90 plus a £5 per month payment

If you have any challenges booking online, please click here to send us an email.

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                           "Quite simply life changing!" Lorna, Edinburgh

Your Pure Happiness Coaches

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Fiona Ogg  

Pure Happiness Creator, Trainer & Emotional Intelligence Therapist

Fiona  is a specialist in emotional wellbeing and influential communication.  She  established our services for children and young people,  as well as providing NLP/soft  skills training, and one-to-one sessions for individuals of all ages.   With 20-years in the public and voluntary sector, including 5-years as CEO of OneKind charity, Fiona gained experience  in nursing, health promotion, children’s protection, emotional literacy work, national public  awareness/influence campaigns and media work.  She founded and co-ordinated Scotland’s  Voluntary Sector Forum for Children & Young People’s Emotional Wellbeing  & Mental Health, led by Barnardo's and HeadsUp Scotland.  Fiona is a qualified  Nurse, Coach, NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner, and Hypnotherapist.

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Alisoun Mackenzie  

Pure Happiness  Creator, Trainer & Public Speaker

Alisoun is a personal development specialist who delivers our programmes,  events & one-to-one support in the workplace and at conferences/wellbeing  events. She also offers a range of workplace training solutions relating to Heart-Centered Leadership, Personal Responsibility & Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, Emotional Well-Being and Interpersonal Skills. During an 18 year career in financial services, Alisoun  gained valuable experience of business & people management together with  coaching/mentoring managers.  As a qualified Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and experienced Business Trainer, she has advised, trained and coached thousands of people to get better results in their business or at work.

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Online Home Study Course

Online Home Study Programme plus Online Group Forum Support 


£90 plus a £5 monthly payment

If you have any challenges booking online, please click here to send us an email.

What Price Would You Put On Happiness?!

We have seen so many people flourish as a result of applying just some of the insights and techniques of Pure Happiness - in their personal and professional lives. We offer this programme in the most convenient way (online), so that you too can start applying these insights and techniques now in your own life - and then start to watch the miracles happen!